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Home Church Trauma


Home Church Trauma

The New Testament gives evidence of churches gathering in homes. As mainstream churches increase in size and wealth, more and more believers are becoming frustrated with the selfish desires of the pastors of certain churches to acquire more and more wealth in the name of God.

home church trauma

Reasons Why People Are Leaving The Church

One of the reasons people leave denominational churches is because the denominations have a negative reputation. For example, many people dislike the Catholic religion because they feel some of the beliefs contradict with what the Bible preaches. The same could be said for those who consider themselves Mormon or Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In addition many people have noticed they often focus more on what they are against instead of focusing on what they believe in.  Seventh-Day Adventists, for example, have specific rules on things that seem unimportant to many non-denominational Christians. Many of them do not eat meat considered unclean in the Old Testament, and many do not believe they should wear makeup, nail polish, or jewelry.

Mormonism is another religion that often focuses more on the rules and what they are against than what they are supposed to stand for. Mormons are to abstain from alcohol, caffeine, and other substances that can alter a person’s behavior or thinking.

A lot of people who attend main stream churches find the church is more focused on policies and rules than they should be. They seem to care about whether or not their church goers are following the rules instead of caring about the people and what they need. The Jehovahs Witnesses are well known for their shunning policies if members question the governing bodies decisions and doctrinal teachings.

Belonging to a non-denominational home church can be easier but it also has its disadvantages.

Disadvantage of Home Churches

Home churches are open to people setting their own rules which are not currently in line with the laws of the country. They will also face problems much the same as the bigger churches and so they too will not be immune from scandals and unfaithfulness between married couples, abuse of minors etc etc. If too much trust is granted to one member of the small home church without oversight, this could lead to disasterous consequences.

Home churches also have the tendency to grow overnight. This forces the hosts of these churches to expand into bigger buildings. Expansion costs money and usually the members fit the bill for lavish furniture and stained glass windows and all the other fancy trimmings. Ownership is granted to the majority who have funded the build and as the church expands others continue to pay for the upkeep and the pastors salaries. When the building is sold the profits go to a select few and the rest get nothing.

If you are going to join a house church make sure you know whats expected of you before you commit your heart and soul to it and your bank account.

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