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Are you looking for faith counseling services? Are you looking for a spiritual companion? I am a qualified Chaplain with no affiliation to any religion offering you non-religous spiritual companionship and peer support. For more information about me please click here:

Faith counseling is about helping people get more from life. Spiritual companionship is about helping people work through church trauma so they can reach their full potential as human beings.

Why do you need a faith Counselor or spiritual companion?


Most pyschologists and counselors are not  trained in religious abuse and trauma. The simple truth is  that church trauma cannot be fully appreciated.

This is  particularly true when the pyschologist or the counselor is not a dedicated Christian and has no previous association or membership with a particular church.

Faith Counseling & Personal Development

Can you benefit from faith counseling?


Sometimes one of the best ways to see if we will benefit from faith counseling is to look at how we are currently experiencing life.

Do you see one or a number of these in your life?

  • Feelings of shame or guilt
  • Fear of the afterlife
  • Loss of confidence and low self esteem
  • Frustration and mental anguish
  • Shunned by your church
  • You’re too focused on what’s not right with you than what’s going well
  • You don’t live with genuine hope for the future

What Can I Offer You as a Faith Counsellor ?


I will help you identify toxic teachings you are still clinging to which may be having an impact on your social life your relationships and your work life.

I will help you navigate through some of the symptoms you may be experiencing viz:

  • Negative beliefs about yourself and others
  • Skewed views of sex and discipline
  • Fear of Gods judgement to come
  • Irrational beliefs
  • Feelings of depression,anxiety,grief and anger



One of the main misconceptions is that faith counseling is about learning new Bible scriptures. Its not about a Bible study. Its about deconstructing what you have learned and exposing you to the lies you have heard your entire life.

The second main misconception is that it’s a way for faith counsellors to introduce you to a new religion. This is far from the truth. Its about helping you move forward without religion in your life. 

The third misconception is that you will be helped by someone who hasn’t experienced exactly what you have. No this is not true either. Faith counsellors like myself draw from our own unique religious experiences.

The fourth and main misconception is that faith counsellors charge by the hour. Some do however my faith counseling is free for all subscribers. 


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