Church Lies

One of the church lies in Christendom is the teaching of Hell. For centuries upon centuries this doctrine has been taught and accepted by millions of people.  Most people accept it because deep down they want to see sinners punished for the evil that has been perpretrated on mankind for millenia.

Take for example Adolf Hitler. Most of us cannot accept that Hitler will escape the fiery judgement of Hell. In fact we relish in the idea as Hitler was a monster. He murdered millions of Jews and non Jews so why should he be forgiven for such heinous acts?

church lies

On closer inspection of the Bible we will note that Jesus did not spend time on preaching about Hell.

In some select verses where Jesus mentioned Hell he was not talking about a literal torture chamber underground where millions of sinners will be punished for ever and ever by a vindictive and vengeful God.  In fact if we looked a little more closely at the book of Revelation we can see that death and Hell are cast into the lake of fire.

This begs the question i.e. If the lake of fire is Hell how can Hell be cast into Hell? Revelations 20:14

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Church Lies Include the Teaching of Heaven 

If you have ever been to a funeral or lost a loved one you would have more than likely been reassured that the deceased is now in Heaven with Jesus.

We are comforted by the thought that our loved ones are not suffering in Hell or lying in the grave pushing up daisies.

Although there is no evidence of anyone going to heaven after they die the internet is full of claims by individuals who have seen heaven after they were pronounced clinically dead on the operating table.

church lies

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What About Tithes?

Another doctrine which fits comfortably under the topic of church lies  is the insistance of having to pay a tithe.

The tithe must amount to 10% of your total monthly income.  Is this true? Is this what the Bible says?

church lies

There is nothing wrong in giving. In fact it shows our heart is in the right place when we help others.

There is no fixed rule however or a fixed amount that we should be paying to the church. In the old testament people tithed with their livestock or their grain. The command to do this was never carried over by the church and there is no historical writings of Jesus insisting on paying a tithe.

The story of the widow giving everything that she had does not mean we should donate everything we own to the church.

There is no indication that the widow paid 10% of what she had or  that she gave everything she had to the temple. Common sense tells us that the widow would have to still be in a position to feed herself for the month. The widow would have still needed a roof over her head which may have invloved her having to pay rent or she may have had to work for it.

We simply dont know the circumstances under which she was living. The church today relies heavily on stories such as these in the Bible which it uses to manipulate people to give freely. If you would like to know more about the history of tithing click here