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In Home Pastoral Care

In-Home Pastoral Care

We live in a broken world with broken people. In-home pastoral care is rare today. Often it is easy to ignore the needs of the people around us. But what would God want us to do? In His ministry here on earth, Jesus reached out to the most hurt, most abused, and most reviled members of His community. He healed not only their bodies but their spirits. Should we do any less?

The church trauma website was created as a unique opportunity to serve the hurting in their community through a Home-Based Care and online ministry. With our mission to love, serve, and teach, and with the numerous church resources already available, we can do what many others cannot—be the safe haven of health and healing that God intends His church to be.

in home pastoral care


We Are All About Heart and Soul

Have you noticed what happens when you play Hide and Seek with a small child. The closer you get to finding them, the more you feel your heart. Your heart opens to a channel of expression and experience where physical eyesight is no longer necessary. Traveling pastors rely on this guiding force which allows us to create a path merging two hearts as ONE.

A heart in unity with the world, itself, and others around it knows wholeness. Wholeness is the feeling of being ONE with all that is alive and well. It is the feeling of being loved, blessed, known, and cared for. Jesus had such a heart. The selfless act of self-sacrifice at the cross was a visible expression of God and his Son’s love for mankind.

We welcome the opportunity to visit you in your home. Most people are more comfortable in their own homes and we understand that as pastors and ministers our missionary work does not have to be in the jungles of Ecuador. There is an old expression ie. charity starts at home. Well, we believe ministry work starts in a person’s home. This pattern was in fact followed by the early church in Paul’s time.

in home pastoral care

In-Home Pastoral Care is not All About Bible Thumping. 

Our in-home visits are not all about bible thumping. We are there to listen and to assist you to heal. We  also visit in your homes as a companion and friend. A game of cards or chess over a cup of tea is not out of the ordinary for us. So please by all means if you are in need of somebody to talk to reach out to us on our contact page and we will be happy to pay you a visit. We are also available for a chat online.

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