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How Church Trauma Impacts Your Mental Health

Church Trauma and Mental Health

Everyone wants to be loved. Sometimes looking for love and friendship in a church environment can actually lead to trauma. Most churches ‘love bomb’ you when you first walk into their doors. Sadly the love is conditional. In other words the love you receive is based on your compliance with church rules and procedures. It also involves going along with church doctrines and not questioning anything.

Since Covid, the church world has had  a radical shift in how people respond to it. Forcing Christians to stay at home during peak infections has given Christians  the time to reflect and to do some research on what they have been taught. Salvation has always been about works. In other words if you are not working towards your salvation by being active in Christian activities you will not be saved. Christians have begun to question the legitimacy of the church and if God really expects us to attend church to be counted as righteous. If this is the case why did God allow Covid to stop all church activities?

church trauma and mental health

Many Christians did not grow up fully understanding and studying the word of God. Christians have used the isolation periods at home during covid to read and reflect on some of the Bible verses. In doing so they have come across differences between Gods word and what the actual preacher at a particular church has said. Christians have always viewed the Pastors teachings as coming directly from God. Whatever the preacher taught was fact and the law much the same as Moses handed down the laws of God to the Israelites.

Millions of Christians now no longer believe that you have to go to church on a  Sunday in order to be saved. They no longer see this ritual as a duty that they need to honor to please God. Unfortunately there are the die hards who view another members absence from church as anti-God. This is when complications arise for the member who has opted not to go back to church. Friendships are put to the test and even close family realtionships. Being labeled anti-God or anti-church leaves one open to being bullied and shamed and feeling guilty and worthless. Losing ones sense of belonging is hard and when you arre gossiped about and ostracized from the church tribe it can wreck your whole world.

The journey away from church can be painful and confusing. It can cause us to question our faith. It can cause us to ask if there really is a God. Once our faith experiences shipwreck we are likely to suffer from intense anxiety, depression and even panic attacks. Treatment for church trauma is possible provided you seek help from a therapist who understands religion.

church trauma and mental health

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