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Healing From Church Trauma

Healing From Church Trauma 

Healing from church trauma can be a long and difficult journey. Unfortunately there is not one process or solution to suit everyone who has suffered abuse at the hands of the church. The biggest mistake people make when seeking therapy is to look for answers in group forums on the internet. Some of the most bitter, vile and angry people are on those forums. People lash out at each other and religious zealots prowl these forums to defend their faith and their church. It  very often leads to more harm than good.

Where to Go For Help 

Therapists, counselors , lifecoaches and pyschologists can play a role in healing a person who is struggling to cope with church trauma. There is however a downside to seeing these experts if they do not have any religious experience and Bible knowledge. Mega churches, for example some of the evangelistic churches have put the fear of Hell in their members minds for decades. Anyone who believes God will torture sinners in a fiery pit of hell for ever and ever is likely to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks after leaving the church. Deprogramming a person will only be possible if the therapist is aware of the doctrine of hell and its history which is mostly linked to earlier civilizations long before the Bible was even written.

healing from church trauma

Are all Churches Evil?

No, not all churches are evil. However, the media has highlighted a number of concerns within some religious institutions. Pedophilia within the Catholic church began to receive huge attention in the 1980s -1990s. In 2002 The Boston Globe covered this issue extensively in the USA. Public attention and outcry forced officials to take all complaints seriously. In January 2013 an Australian Royal Commission was set up to investigate institutional abuse. This commissions findings resulted in many other countries looking into historic child abuse cases.

Most notably the Jehovahs Witnesses received allegations against them. Criminal charges followed plus law suits for the blatant neglect of children under their care. Lawsuits are currently ongoing. The results of these will set precedents for decades to come. This will hopefully  lead to religious institutions clearing up their acts and putting protection mechanisims in place to safeguard their children.

Is it possible to heal from church trauma? 

Yes it is possible to heal from church trauma. Under the right care and if the person you are talking to has sufficient Bible knowledge many fears and doubts can be addressed and questions answered. If you would like to discuss your fears and doubts with somebody who will understand you, please reach out to us by clicking on the image below:

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