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Evolution Versus God

evolution versus god

Part  1 –  Was life created or did it evolve?

Evolutionists claim that the virtually infinite variations of life are the fruit of the evolutionary process. So,insects fish, plants and animals and humans have their origin based on pre-existing types that have evolved over time. According to evolution theorists, life started from bacteria and all life has evolved over millions of years to become a better species. This calls for a giant leap in faith. Life cannot start from non-life and then by itself turn into completely different species i.e. plants, insects, animals and humans. No scientist has been able to provide evidence to support this argument.

According to evolutionists man was Homo habilis, then evolved to a better species, Homo erectus and then evolved to Homo neaderthalenis before evolving to where we are today as Homo sapiens. Man has adapted to the environment and become a new superior species. The Homo erectus species of man can no longer be found.  Bacteria has however remained in all life forms. It has not died out. How do evolutionists account for this?

Part 02 – The Human Reproductive System and Life Cycle.

Humans have a reproductive system. How did the reproductive system evolve from bacteria which replicates on its own by the thousands per bacteria variant to a human reproductive system with a  slow reproduction rate? Did the human gene evolve on its own intellect and so as it was perfecting man from Homo habilis and Homo erectus it corrected the reproductive cycle, by ensuring a pregnant women carries a baby for 9 months and then it restricts man to an average living age on earth of 75 years? Why can’t man as the superior off shoot of bacteria live as long as bacteria? In addition if man is the superior species why has man not adapted to its environment to live longer than the Bowhead whale (200 years) or the Rockfish (200 years) or the tubeworm (300 years)?

Part 03 – Dinosaur Fossils and Homo habilis  

There is fossil and bone evidence today of plant, animal and human species that existed millions of years ago. The existence of these species is not in dispute. The evolution of these species and the creation of these species is however a hotly debated subject around the world. Did God create these species millions of years ago and then wipe them out in order to create a new animal species and human species? Has the evolutionary process always been in action?

Christians and evolutionists do not have conclusive evidence to support any of their arguments. This leaves us in a bit of a quandary. In order to navigate this question, we need to first examine what elements are necessary to sustain life on earth.

Elements needed to sustain life on earth

Plant, animal and human species need the following elements to live:

  • carbon
  • hydrogen
  • nitrogen
  • oxygen
  • phosphorus
  • sulfur
  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Food
  • Atmosphere

Part 04 – Atmosphere

Small planets and moons have insufficient gravity to hold an atmosphere. The gas molecules escape to space, leaving the planet or moon without an insulating blanket or a protective shield. Earth & Venus are the right size to hold a sufficient-sized atmosphere. Earth’s atmosphere is about 100 miles thick. It keeps the surface warm & protects it from radiation & small- to medium-sized meteorites. Venus’s atmosphere is 100 times thicker than Earth’s. It is made almost entirely of greenhouse gasses, making the surface too hot for life. The four giant planets are completely made of gas. Of the solid planets & moons, only Earth, Venus, & Titan have significant atmospheres. Mars’ atmosphere is about 1/100th that of Earth’s, too small for significant insulation or shielding.

In order for bacteria, plants, dinosaurs and Homo habilis to survive on earth millions of years ago, all the elements  mentioned above are vital with the atmosphere being a very important element that is not found on planets nearest to earth. If as evolutionists hypothesise that the earth began millions of years ago with a huge explosion and bacteria was formed as a result of the earths condition being just right, we have to ask ourselves why bacteria has not been found on other planets near to earth (the moon and mars).

We also have to ask ourselves how the sun and the moon  are the perfect distance form earth providing us with gravity which controls our tides and our seasons and sunlight that does not kill us through radiation poisoning and sustains life by giving enough heat to allow water to flow instead of freezing all over the earth. It allows all life species to exist at the right temperature in many parts of the world, whereas no other planet in our galaxy can do this.

Earth’s atmosphere is composed of about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and one percent other gases. This allows all life to breath. People need to breathe, and so do lots of other animals—and plants! Breathing is part of a process called respiration. During respiration, a living thing takes in oxygen from the air and gives out carbon dioxide. This process gives animals and plants the energy to eat, grow, and live life!

For all life to exist there has to be a delicate balance of temperature, and gases which is only found on earth. Dinosaurs, plants and Homo habilis existed millions of years ago on earth due to these elements being just right. How do evolutionists account for a big bang that created the right elements for life and percentages of oxygen and nitrogen? Humans cannot exist on 82% nitrogen and 18% oxygen.

Part 05 – Dust – Bacteria to Man

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground Gen 2: 7

The main intention of the words is to point out man’s feebleness. He is made not from the rocks, nor from ores of metal, but from the light, shifting particles of the surface, blown about by every wind.

Gen 2: 7 cont. . . breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.–The life came not as the result of man’s bodily organisation, nor as derived by evolution from any bacteria or other animal, but as a gift direct from God.

 Part 06 – Evolutionists Claim that Animals have evolved

Evolutionists point to the finch and its beak in an effort to explain how certain bird species have evolved over time. This apparently has come about as a result of a change in weather and bird migration patterns and the ability to source and consume the right food or seeds for survival.

Can we use the same argument for humans. Man no longer needs to hunt for his food. He simply walks into a KFC and pays for food that has already been slaughtered and cooked for him. Before the industrial revolution people lived on farms and bred their own animals for consumption. When the dinosaurs died and cattle began to roam the earth, did man evolve from being a hunter with increased strength and hairy arms and ape man features into what we see today as a more handsome species with less hair and strength? Did man adapt in a sense to his food source and his environment just like the finch?

Part 07 – Have Eskimos Evolved?

Eskimos have tougher skin and less handsome features than other human races. This is as a direct result of their environment they live in. Evolution has not changed the stature and build of the Eskimo allowing them to be a more superior race in their current environment compared to what they were centuries ago. The gene pool has remained the same and variations of build and looks and skin colour has only changed when an Eskimo and a human from another race have reproduced. If evolution theory is correct and all species evolve to become a superior species than before, we would see a distinct change in the Eskimo races features. Evolution apologists would argue that for such a change to take place it would have to take place over millions of years and not over centuries. No evidence exists for this theory.

Part 08 –  DNA and the Cell is complexed

Scientists have tried a computer simulation of a random creation of a cell to see if the DNA would evolve.  The earths age is 4.5 billion years old. Scientists found that it would take a period of 100 000 times the actual age of the earth. DNA and RNA and protein must be perfect for life to exist. If evolution theory is correct why do we have males and females? We should have one creature that can reproduce. Was the first ape-man a male or a female? How did a male ape reproduce life on its own? Evolutionists may use the earthworm as an example.

Part 10 covers this.

Part 09 – Can a Tornado Create A Boeing?

If life came about by chance we may want to ask ourselves that if a tornado swept through a junkyard could it assemble a Boeing 747 from the materials therein? We know the answer is no. Its simply not wise or scientific to say that it is possible.

Part 10 – Are Earthworms an example of Evolution?

Earthworms are hermaphrodites, meaning an individual worm has both male and female reproductive organs. Evolutionists propose this is where the split between male and female began. However, there are humans with both sex organs as well. Why not give us options? What is wrong with a man falling pregnant and carrying a child if he so desires? Why has the evolution process and final product i.e. man been divided by evolution into a male and a Female and given the gift of child birth to a women only?

Part 11 – Religion and Evolution can Agree.

Theistic Evolutionists propose that there’s design in nature and that God is the designer. Among Theistic Evolutionists there are some who imagine that God directed the course of natural processes (such as evolution) long after the beginning of the universe. The evolution process was therefore part of Gods original design. Man and animal evolved on their own and once man was able to communicate and read and write, God introduced himself to them as their creator. Man was not ready to understand the biological processes of how life could exist through a splitting of cells and protein and enzymes so God chose not to give primitive man a science lesson and instead He instructed Moses to write about the story of Adam and Eve. Jesus said to his apostles “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.” So, there are certain things we can understand and there are supernatural things we can’t understand even with the help of the Holy Spirit. Its just humanly impossible for scientists to have all of the answers and neither do Christians. God will reveal all in good time.

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